Product Description

Disaster Designs Petal Travel Wallet

This Disaster Designs Petal travel wallet offers a vibrant floral design with a soft-touch leather effect material coloured in cream, detailed with a two-tone cobalt blue and white pottery style floral display. On the back of the Petal Travel Wallet is a vibrant contrast with magenta suede-effect design, offering an almost peach skin like feel to it, detailed with a small leather effect plaque reading ‘PETAL’ embossed into it.

Opened via the secure golden popper and grey strap, the petal travel wallet reveals two sides. One side of the wallet houses 8 individual small pockets for the likes of money cards and 1 see-through pouch for the likes of a bus pass or ID, beautifully made from a striking brown-tinged light grey of faux-leather. Beneath this, 5 large pouches are found, detailed with names such as ‘HOTEL’, ‘TICKETS’ and more that are perfect for holding money notes, passports, ticket and receipts. The opposing side of the travel wallet is split into three sections, one for a passport, another for a pen and a final for currency, named ‘coins’. The passport sections features a pale blue and cream design of fragile florals with a covering see-through sleeve for holding your passport, with the cream coloured pen holder for practical use of a pen and a cream coloured pouch with suede-effect zip for the currency of the country you’re visiting.

Size: H 24 x W 15 x D 2cm