Knit Simple Fall 2009 at Pavi Yarns.

Inside this issue:
The busy broadcast journalist tells KS how she finds Serenity (aptly, the name of her new line of yarns) in all things knit.

We’ve got a doozy of a dozen neck warmers, shrunk down to the season’s chic new size.

These clean, grownup looks are proof that indulging in color play doesn’t have to get messy. Our tutorials will get you started.

When it’s too warm for a full-on winter coat, layer a figure-flattering cardi on top (plus sizes available).

Zippy zip-ups rule the elementary school this fall. Plus a 1-2-3 tutorial on inserting zippers.

Knit and crocheted baby blankets charmingly take shape-choose circle or squares-to perk up any nursery.

Broomstick lace lends a delicate touch to a two-toned messenger bag.


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