Superb quality Addi Lace Circular Knitting Needles with extra fine tips for lace knitting. Available in four lengths (40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm), these circular needles have a beautifully smooth join between tips and cord. Choose from sizes ranging between 1.5mm and 5.5mm.



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100cm 1.5mm, 100cm 1.75, 100cm 2.0mm, 100cm 2.25mm, 100cm 2.5mm, 100cm 2.75mm, 100cm 3.0mm, 100cm 3.25mm, 100cm 3.5mm, 100cm 3.75mm, 100cm 4.0mm, 100cm 4.5mm, 100cm 5.0mm, 100cm 5.5mm, 100cm 6.0mm, 100cm 6.5mm, 100cm 7.0mm, 100cm 8.0mm, 40cm 1.75mm, 40cm 2.0mm, 40cm 2.25mm, 40cm 2.5mm, 40cm 2.75mm, 40cm 3.0mm, 40cm 3.25mm, 40cm 3.5mm, 40cm 3.75mm, 40cm 4.0mm, 40cm 4.5mm, 40cm 5.0mm, 40cm 5.5mm, 40cm 6.0mm, 40cm 6.5mm, 40cm 7.0mm, 40cm 8.0mm, 60cm 1.5mm, 60cm 1.75mm, 60cm 2.0mm, 60cm 2.25mm, 60cm 2.50mm, 60cm 2.75mm, 60cm 3.0mm, 60cm 3.25mm, 60cm 3.5mm, 60cm 3.75mm, 60cm 4.0mm, 60cm 4.5mm, 60cm 5.0mm, 60cm 5.5mm, 60cm 6.0mm, 60cm 6.5mm, 60cm 7.0mm, 60cm 8.0mm, 80cm 1.5mm, 80cm 1.75mm, 80cm 2.0mm, 80cm 2.25mm, 80cm 2.5mm, 80cm 2.75mm, 80cm 3.0mm, 80cm 3.25mm, 80cm 3.5mm, 80cm 3.75mm, 80cm 4.00mm, 80cm 4.5mm, 80cm 5.5mm, 80cm 6.0mm, 80cm 6.5mm, 80cm 7.0mm, 80cm 8.0mm