Product Description

Lampe Berger Essential Gift Set

A concentration of purity and simplicity, this is the ideal Lampe Berger Essential introductory boxed set including a clear glass square shaped lamp, an AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® catalytic burner, 1 funnel, 1 stopper, an Essential Neutral fragrance 180ml and a Gardens of the Riviera fragrance 180ml. The neutral fragrance is an essential in any home; it deodorises without releasing any scent & optimises the function of the burner wick. Eace Essential Gift Set includes full instructions.

Material Glass
Capacity 380ml
Height 16cm
Top Light top – Tulip top silver
Color clear

Thanks to its exclusive burner perfected over the years, there is no equal to Lampe Berger today for cleansing air in the home by truly destroying undesirable smells, while at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances. This burner is the result of ongoing research and is subject to 6 international patents. In recent years, Lampe Berger has also installed a technical center in Limoges, capital of ceramics, where a team is dedicated to research and development in the field of catalysis.

Lampe Berger Fragrance

Lampe Berger Paris produce over 50 fragrances for the home to compliment their range of catalytic lamps. Marilyn and Melrose stock a large selection of these fragrances and one of the most popular is Paris Chic Fragrance (500ml)