Bath House

We are delighted to offer our customers the beautiful and luxurious Bath House collection of bathing and bodycare products.

Founded in 1997, The Bath House had the simple aim to create the very best bathing and bodycare products, which are a joy to use and are ‘naturally good’ for the skin. Bath House have developed over the years and gained a reputation for fine quality and attention to detail, specialising in the use of pure, high grade natural ingredients to produce all their formulations, offering customers affordable luxuries to use everyday.

Bath House produce their gorgeous products from the heart Cumbria with magnificent views across the wild, wind swept Howgill fells of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s wonderful to be able to offer our customers a product that is Made Naturally in Cumbria, UK.

Unique Fragrance

Fragrance is at the heart of the Bath House; their colognes and perfumes are all truly unique and unexpected with a choice which is as sophisticated and chic, as it is delicious and diverse. These can be enjoyed in a variety of specially created natural bathing, body and skincare luxuries

Many of Bath House formulations are made with up to 98% natural ingredients. Each precious drop of essential oil and carefully sourced natural extracts are specifically chosen for their beneficial properties. Bath House now make over 80% of all their products on site in their own ‘making rooms’. Created in small individual batches, they seal in the natural goodness of all our ingredients so each product remains as fresh and as perfect for you as possible.

No Parabens, S.L.S, T.E.A or Microbeads

We would only want to use mild, gentle, safe ingredients on our skin which is why Bat House don’t use ingredients or extracts which contain parabens. Bath House also do not use the widely used chemical surfactant S.L.S. or T.E.A. in any of their products. Bath House’s long lasting perfumes are all made with a natural alcohol which is gentle on the skin. They use a sustainable Palm Oil in their soaps and Bath House are against animal testing. Bath House have never, and never will use microbeads in their products; instead they use beneficial natural alternatives such as ground Almond Husk.